Ani Cordero
Live in NYC
sun. April 9th, 2017

Ani will play a 75 minute concert featuring her new album, Querido Mundo, with her four-piece band.
Sunday Night, April 9th, at 7:30pm (sharp) at SUBROSA, 63 GANSEVOORT ST, Manhattan

More Info Here about SUBROSA NIGHTCLUB

New Album:

"Querido Mundo"

OUT February 24, 2107

Advance Praise for Querido Mundo:

Alt.Latino Latinx Arts and Culture Spring (NPR)

Ani Cordero, Gabriel Garzon Montano... They sing in Spanish, they sing in English, they come from across Latin America and the U.S. The styles are as different as the cultures from which they come. What they have in common is that they redefine the notion of "Latin music" in a way that almost makes the term obsolete.

National Public Radio First Listen

Querido Mundo is also a major step in how she views the world through song. She's at a place now where her songwriting is essentially storytelling set to music. Profound ruminations on love and the state of the world are backed by a collection of pan Latin styles and genres.

Billboard Magazine

Ani Cordero’s new album, Querido Mundo (Dear World), is (as they used to say on MTV) a call to stop being polite and start getting real.



Praise for 2014's Recordar:

Ani Cordero Radio Interviews:

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Listen to Ani's Interview on WNYC,Soundcheck: The Road To Justice for Chilean Singer Victor Jara

RECORDAR: Songs of Love and Protest

CDs and Digital Albums NOW AVAILABLE: click here for itunes click here for CD Baby. ORDER HERE




"New video draws parallelisms between the two Borinquen islands: Manhattan and PR. Images of the Lower East Side are intercut with vintage shots of San Juan’s beaches proving the age-old adage that you can take the girl out of the island…" -Remezcla

"I've created an album that reinterprets 11 classic Latin American songs from the 1930s-1970s with the goal of introducing this music and its writers to new audiences. The album features songs by musical folk heroes who used music as a way of inspiring social change, including Victor Jara, Ali Primera, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Chavela Vargas, and Os Mutantes."

-Ani Cordero
“Recordar (Remember),” from Ani Cordero, is a modern musical platform for highlighting Latin American and Caribbean history.